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MTT Servis. Texniki servis haqqında

"MTT Service" is a team of experienced professionals and consultants who are ready to help you with any technical problems. If there is any defect in the purchased goods, you can contact our service center. Our products are durable. Long-term work and quality guarantee are one of our important criteria. All of our products are computer-tested before they go on sale. Problems caused by any lack of details during the warranty period are solved by the service free of charge.

Spare parts and accessories

The original details obtained directly by our service create complete confidence. Because these details are fully consistent with the product and can provide the desired quality. You can contact the service to get the necessary parts.

Warranty force

MTT of the shops set supply high quality products to consumers that guaranty offers from one year to three years. We offer moneyless delivery and installation for consumers. Delivery is implemented all days of the week.

Texniki servis mərkəzi

Today our Call Center performs several functions:

  • Forwarding corporate internal calls.
  • Inquiry support, advice to new customers on existing product lines.
  • Ensuring a high level of customer culture.

Detailed information on these topics is available at the Call Center.

  • Addresses of services
  • Conducted companies and promotions, their terms
  • Consultation
  • Information about the range of goods and brands

Reports are prepared based on information received from the Call Center, which then helps to assess the companys competitiveness and, if necessary, make changes to the product line. In large quantities telephone lines, powerful electronic automatic telephone exchange, special software - all this allows you to receive hundreds of calls a day in a complex way and work comfortably.

The Call Center of "MTT Service" is open all days of the week from 09:30 to 18:00.

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