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For the majority of household and all industrial air conditioners installation – this is not a simple placement of air conditioner to a suitable surface, but also quite complicated procedure of mount of units, the connection of pipes and electric wiring. Installation of an air conditioner is finished with balancing (adjusting) and test launch. After completion of the installation air conditioner must be fully ready for use.

The installation of an air conditioner is required special equipment and experience. Therefore, entrust instate location of the air conditioner to the professional mounting brigade; it is desirable from the same firm where you bought the air conditioner. To make saving in the installation of an air conditioner is not allowed – it is best to buy a cheaper model, with a few additional functions. Remember: if the air conditioner is installed improperly or defectively, it will not work well.

"MTT Service" Company is concerned not only with sales, and also with installation and launch-adjustment of air conditioners, air-conditioning systems, ventilation, and heating. Our company pays attention to the quality of training of mounting brigades. All of our brigades pass through attestation before each season; they own their vehicle and set of all necessary tools, equipped with a mobile connection. Cost and time of mounting complicated and powerful industrial systems are defined separately for each case, and for most general types of air conditioners – room wall split-system – exists a conception of “standard mount” or “standard installation”.

How to install different types of air conditioners

  • Monoblock units – they don’t need to be installed. Just put it to the needed place and switch it on.
  • Window air conditioners – their installation is not so complicated, but we recommend appealing to those who already installed window-type conditioners.
  • Wall air conditioners – their mounting requires certain qualifications and knowledge of technology. When installed by experienced specialists and service life of the air conditioner will be long and outdoor unit will work silent, and the walls of placement will not be injured. “Moonlighter” can install air conditioner like that condensate will flow on the heads of passerby, or break the wall and you will have to repair again.
  • Cassette, floor-overhead, and channel type conditioners – their installation should be entrusted only to professionals. Semi-industrial conditioners cost high, their mounting is complicated, and is available to only brigades of qualified specialists.   

Standard installation of conditioner

When installing a wall air conditioner its outdoor unit is placed directly under the window of the room, where which indoor unit is. The upper edge of the outdoor unit is located not above the sill. The indoor unit is placed on the wall, near the window. The distance between the outdoor and the indoor unit (the length of the Freon route) does not exceed five meters. So that condensate is easily removed from the indoor unit, the route is carried out with a slope of 3-5 degrees (towards the outside bottom). The indoor unit of the air conditioner must be installed exactly, otherwise, the water might leak.

The manager in advance agrees on the time at which the air conditioner will be installed, with the customer and the representative of the mounting group.

In general, it is best to mount the air conditioner before you finish repairs - it will appear concrete dust and grit when drilling.

However, if you already repaired the room, and only then decided to install an air-conditioner - do not worry - during construction works in the renovated rooms are used vacuum cleaners and protective covers.

Of course, it is desirable that the room where the installation will be carried out were removed objects and surfaces, which can be damaged by falling on concrete and brick dust, fine crumbs. Sometimes the standard installation is included in the price of the air conditioner as specified in the price list.

The cost of a standard installation of an air conditioner consists of these components:

  • Delivery of the air conditioner;
  • Mounting of indoor and outdoor units;
  • Drilling of holes for spanning of inter-block communications. A conventional air conditioner requires only one such hole, but for multi-split system (one outdoor unit and 2-3 indoor units) need to do a few holes;
  • Consumables necessary to install the air conditioner (attachment, copper pipes, cables, etc.);
  • The compound of blocks of the air conditioner with electric wire and copper tubes, which will circulate Freon;
  • Commissioning and test run of the air conditioner.

For installers who were able to install your air conditioner, you need to provide them free access to the window, through which will be installed outdoor unit of air conditioner, and availability to fully open the window. Also will be needed free access to the part of the wall, where will be placed indoor unit and decorative boxes for communications and power cables.

Non-standard installation of the air conditioner.

Non-standard installation – it is the installation of an air conditioner considering additional requirements and wants of the client or due to technical inability to make a standard installation. In many cases, in installation process must be solved quite complex technical problems, use expensive professional equipment, to rely on aerial platforms or industrial climbers.

Often the installation of an air conditioner is done in ​​the place where you just had made ​​a good repair. Sometimes the object of installation becomes an ancient monument or just a beautiful building. Custom installation may be due to:

  • Increasing the total length of pipelines by more than 5 meters;
  • Laying pipes in a room inside of indenting (specially created grooves in the wall);
  • Wall mounting the part of the pipeline, which is located on the street, or seal of them in a box;
  • Attracting industrial climber (for example, if you want to install an outdoor unit on the brick wall in a windowless high-altitude).

The cost of mounting in this case, of course, is higher than the standard installation, and additionally agreed. If an installation requires climbing work, the client must provide the specialists’ access to the roof.

Useful tips for installing an air conditioner

  • If possible, when buying the air conditioner, immediately agree on installation, on its date and time.
  • Before installing the air conditioner sign draw with the location of the outdoor and indoor units in your apartment.
  • Installers must give you a warranty card and instructions in Russian. If they did not - do not accept their work.
  • After installation, check how the air conditioner works, as it is located (by what you've agreed) whether cleaning has been made.
  • Carefully read the documents that you will be given to sign and not sign them until you'll be pleased with the quality of work.

If you are not satisfied with anything - please call the company that performed the installation, and discuss your claims with the manager.

Scheme for correct installation of air conditioner:

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We wish you a successful installation of the air conditioner!

How to order an expert for the installation of air conditioner:

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