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The breakdown reasons can be a lot, but the main ones are just a few. A repair usually is required as a result of a factory defect or installation of conditioners without observance of all rules. Other common causes include damage to the unit, misuse, and leakage of the refrigerant. In all similar cases, the elimination of malfunction should be made by experts because trying to do it yourself could bring more serious consequences. Well-timed technical service can allow avoiding the necessity of the following major repairs.

If repair is carried out by real professionals, the reason for the breakdown is quickly defined by the newest diagnostic equipment, and then quickly and effectively eliminated. In the list of similar works, there can be a simple cleaning of the outdoor unit, pumping a refrigerant, replacement of the compressor, the filter, the heat exchanger, and so on.

If a similar problem has happened to you, don't delay elimination for a long time and don't allow heat to overcome you. Specialists of our firm, during a very short time, will carry out qualitative repair of the conditioner which is out of order.

Even if it is very sad to ascertain, but, the warmer in the street, the conditioners is more often fail. Such is an unwritten law of nature. To avoid urgent repair of air conditioners in the worst possible moment, each owner of a split system needs to know the causes of the breakdown.

5 major reasons for air conditioners failures.

1. The most popular – contamination of filters of the indoor unit. The grid installed on the panel of the air conditioner is designed to protect the operating mechanism from falling trash and dust, contained in the incoming air. It’s possible to determine that it is time to clean the filters on the following features:

The cooling of the area is not as good as it is used to be.

At the time of switch-off, it starts to drip water. It happens because of the freezing of the copper pipe as the result of irregularities in the refrigeration system. If water is not just dripping but also pouring – this is a sure sign of contamination of not only filters but also the drainage system. It is necessary to call the repairman who can repair the air-conditioners and switch off the split system.

2. Refrigerant which saves compressor from overheating has a certain rate of natural evaporation. Normalized leakage occurs through microcracks in the pipe and place of its connection. Freon levels check should be conducted every six months, and refueling of not less than eighteen months, otherwise you’ll need to repair of air conditioners. Lack of refrigerant can be fatal for a split system. The compressor will overheat and it gets stuck, it simply fails. But the compressor - is the main component of the cooling device. Repair of air-conditioning with the replacement of compressor is equal to buying a new split-system.

First indications of a Freon lack:

  • Poor air cooling.
  • The appearance of ice and frost in the joints of pipes.
  • If the air conditioner filters can be cleaned independently, the measure of the level of the refrigerant only can be done by an expert owing necessary instruments.

3. Unscheduled repair of air conditioners may be necessary because of the wrong estimation of the power of the split system. Some people think that if a low-power unit is in a constant turn, it can cool any room. This is - a very common misconception that can have only one, easily predictable outcome for the air-conditioner - lethal. There are special formulas by which experts with very high accuracy can calculate the power of the conditioner which is needed for a particular room. But any person can easily choose a suitable split system for a room if he knows that every kilowatt of cooling capacity is equal to approximately 30 cubic meters of placement or more simply, the 10 square meters of its area.

In order not to make permanent repairs to air conditioners and not to stay in a stuffy room, you need to turn off the split system periodically. If it is not equipped with an automatic stop, every half an hour just remove the plug from the socket and give it a little rest. If the air conditioner runs for a long time, and the air is not cooled – it means that the split system has not enough power to operate.

The most reliable option: going to buy an air conditioner, call the specialist who after inspecting the space, will advise you which device is the best.  The consultants of the company of “Service- Climate” will not only help you to choose the right air conditioner but also will show you the optimal place to install it, where it operates efficiently and also will look nice.

4. In the cold seasons it is also possible that the air conditioner needs repair. The circumstance is so that a very limited number of models represented in our market, able to operate at external temperatures below five degrees. Even a split system, fully adapted to heat the room at minus 20º C outside temperature, in winter functions with the power which is three times lower than what would be in summer. Operating in winter in the cooling mode the split system, causes excessive load on the compressor, reducing its operating resources and the inevitable crash. You can adapt the device to operate in winter, it does not require complete repair of air conditioners and some complicated tricks. You can just embed in it a device, warming up the crankcase of the compressor and the relay, which regulates the fan speed of the unit placed on the street. Of course, such work should be ordered only in a company that repairs air conditioners and is familiar with the adaptation of split systems.

5. Even if you clean the filter in time, monitor the level of Freon, and carefully, without overloading operate air-conditioning, there is one single condition, the failure of which would nullify all actions and lead to the repair of air conditioners. This is a professional installation of a split system by competent experts. Self-assembly of unqualified work leads to the fact that professionals still need to be called, but not those who are installing, but who is performing repair of air conditioners of economic users.

Proper connection and installation of cooling equipment – is a guarantee of its long and uninterrupted service. Warranty service by your installation of a split system is not provided.

Every owner of such equipment must remember that even the elite model, equipped with built-in protection against unauthorized actions, requires care and careful handling. Even the most minor repair of air conditioners can only be carried out by a professional.

Every device can be broken down. Conditioner is not an exception and its repair becomes the biggest problem for its owner. How to understand when is needed guaranteed repair and when simple? And mainly, what contains guaranteed repair?

You cannot neglect regular preventative inspection with a full survey of the status of all components and assembly of a split system. Only full implementation of the operating conditions will delay the maximum time to repair the air conditioner, but if it is suddenly needed, our specialists will hold its high quality and repair it in the possible shortest time.

Warranty repairs of air conditioners and their features.

Any technology can be broken. Air conditioners do not apply to exceptions, and their maintenance is the biggest challenge of its owner. How do you know in which cases relies on warranty repair, and in which - not? And most important question is that – what this warranty includes?

Warranty repair of the device is performed if the customer has the warranty card and installation of air conditioning equipment was made correctly.

In this case, warranty repair of air conditioners includes:

  • cleaning of drainage systems from dirt and ice jams
  • cleaning internal heat exchanger and air filter from dirt and third-party items – down, for example
  • replacement of batteries in remote control technology

But there is a failure, which is not covered by warranty. For example, the failure of the power supply in case of surges or improper use of air conditioning.

Of course, repair of the air conditioner helps revive the broken machinery, but you should always remember the main rule - that air conditioner works well if you use it carefully!